If You’re Happy And You Know It…

Written by Jill Colvin on . Posted in Posts.

Here’s some unexpected news to brighten your afternoon: 94
percent of you are happy. We guess that means you don’t really need any
brightening. A Harris
of more than 1000 people has found that 94 percent of Americans are either very or somewhat satisfied
with their lives
—or at least tell obnoxious pollsters that they are when
asked. (Can you really imagine the following conversation? Annoying pollster:
“Hello sir, may I ask you how satisfied you are with the life you lead?”
Annoyed poll-ee: “Well, actually, sir, I’m not very satisfied. I’m miserable.
And thank you so much for reminding me of the pain I endure every stinking day
of my god-forsaken life.” See? Not so much.)

Nevertheless, when participants
were asked whether they think they’re better off now than they were five years
ago, the picture was less rosy, especially for us East Coasters. Only 42
percent of people living in the Eastern U.S.
said that things have improved since 2002, versus 60 percent of Southerners and
62 percent of Westerners. At least we’re not letting the letdown get us down.
You can see more of the poll results here.