Hundreds Gather in Union Square in Support of Troy Davis

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Hundreds of people gathered in Union Square last evening at 5pm in what was being called a “day of outrage” for . After years of stating his innocence, and a trial riddled with errors and imprecisions, the state of Georgia nevertheless executed on Wednesday evening at 11pm.

The rally was led by Amnesty International as well as the International Socialist Organization. Speakers at the rally included Nicholas Heyward Sr., whose 13-year-old son was shot and killed by the NYPD as he was playing with a toy gun in 1994, and a former New York State death row inmate who was in Georgia with Troy Davis before his execution.

The mood of the crowd was mournful and angry. Many people expressed sadness at their inability to halt the execution, and anger that the death penalty continues to exist in America, and New York State in particular.

After the rally ended, the group marched downtown and met up with the group currently occupying Zucotti Park in lower Manhattan, where the police allegedly deployed pepper spray on some protesters.

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