How To Breed A Rock Star Toddler

Written by Kari Milchman on . Posted in Education, Posts.

Fresh out of college with nothing to put on your résumé but that summer spent teaching arts and crafts at day camp? Well just imagine how bare that list of credentials would be if you were just two years old. It’s true; some parents have put together a CV for their little tots in an attempt to impress directors at the city’s elite preschools (DVD montages of children at play are also popular tools). So what on earth does a 2-year-old put on his or her résumé? Not playing house or chewing on their favorite shoelace. Try language classes, cooking classes and science classes, for example. And if your child isn’t quite so accomplished, you can always hire a preschool consultant to help pad his résumé. But apparently, many preschool admissions directors are none too pleased with such ploys—so better to push your kid’s uncanny ability to pick his nose than his incredible appreciation for Mozart.

Photo courtesy of Elliot et Zack on Flickr