How Daniel Ross Stole Christmas

Written by Kari Milchman on . Posted in Crime Watch Our Town Downtown, Posts.

To continue with our coverage of Christmas dirty doings, here’s a story about Daniel Rios, a young Yonkers man who reminds us that there’s a little Grinch inside everyone (I mean figuratively, ew). Picture this: You’re at a Christmas party and all of sudden realize how flippin’ hard-up you are. You down some champagne, all the while getting angrier and angrier as your boss makes his rounds, congratulating everyone—your co-workers, secretary, the janitor—on a good year’s work. But wait, he doesn’t say a word to you! Not one iota of encouragement. Damn the Man, you think! So you covertly make your way to the office safe and withdraw a piddling $14,000 in staff bonuses and money. That’ll show them! Next, you go on a shopping spree, braving crowds and equally disgruntled members of the workforce, spend $7,500 in cash before your conscience kicks in and you realize, hey, this is wrong, I’ve stolen from my fellow 9-to-5-ers. So you’re compelled to give back about $6,500 in cash. Stupid conscience. That’s more or less what happened to Daniel Rios (OK, less). Poor guy. Read the real sad tale and others here.

Photo courtesy of Alexjuno on Flickr