How and Where to Watch the Republican National Convention in NYC

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The opening night of the GOP Convention in may have been canceled due to inclement weather, but it takes a lot more than bad weather to keep New Yorkers from coming out to cheer, boo or be entirely indifferent to national political happenings. Below are a couple ways to engage your political sensibilities this week in light of Convention ceremonies.

Drinking Liberally
’s chapter of is hosting a series of Republican Convention-watching events this week. From their blog: “You may want to know what the Republicans are up to at their Convention…but you may find it too frightening to watch by yourself.” The week-long festivities kick off tonight for “opening night” at 7:30 at Building on Bond in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, continuing every evening at different bars throughout Manhattan. Each event begins at 7:30, allowing plenty of breathing—or drinking—room for the nightly 9 p.m. speeches. The group will gather at on 11th St. for ’s speech on Wednesday, and Rudy’s on 44th St. for ’s Thursday speech.

New York Republican Fundraiser
If you want to watch the Convention for a pricier ticket—and in Republican company—the is hosting a “David Garland for State Senate” fundraiser Tuesday evening on East 83rd Street, and other evening events throughout the week. From the invitation: “Come enjoy drinks and light fare and watch the with friends.” And a $50 price tag. More Republican-centric events for the week can also be found on the Committee’s website. The Metropolitan Republican Club is also hosting the GOP Convention Party the last night of the Convention, Thursday evening, also at East 83rd Street. The GOP Convention Party is reportedly young Republican-friendly.

Occupy Protests
If you’re interested in being involved in a slightly more hands-on way, rather than from behind the TV screen, you can likely still hop on a bus and head down to with other RNC protesters. Occupy provided buses for New Yorkers who wanted to make their way down to Tampa to protest the RNC, but because of the weather, only two of five buses ended up making the trip. Due to the opening night delay, there’s probably still time—for the especially brave—to make for . The Huffington Post reported: “The protest aimed to mock the RNC’s welcome event at nearby Tropicana Field, which had been billed as a large cocktail party. The activists hoped their snare drums and chants would at least spoil the mood for RNC attendees.”

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