Hovering Angel

Written by Abigoliah Schamaun on . Posted in Arts & Film, Posts.

Illusionist Criss Angel, of Mindfreak, began a new 24-hour stunt today in which he’ll try to escape from a four-foot wide capsule before it plummets into Times Square Tuesday morning (fun!). But it’s no ordinary pod suspended a mere 40 feet above ground—it’s been filled with cement as its inhabitant does whatever voodoo he can do to save himself. An interior camera broadcasts his attempts in a ploy reminiscent of the great Houdini. But of course this hoopla isn’t just for hoopla’s sake—it’s for publicity purposes! Specifically, to create buzz for the third season of Angel’s show, which has previously shown him levitating, walking on water and lying on a bed of nails while an SUV drives over him. Oh, my. Now if only he would put his powers to good use. Here’s a look at the aforementioned Jesus thing—try to find the strings, we dare you.