Hot Dog King To Fight!

Written by Kari Milchman on . Posted in Eat & Drink, Posts.

Breathe a sigh of relief: the doubts over whether Takeru Kobayashi will compete against hot-shot Joey Chestnut, who out-ate him by 5¾ franks earlier this month, are unfounded, according to amNewYork. It seems Kobayashi arrived in New York yesterday, prepared to eat his way back up to champion of Nathan’s Famous hot dog-eating contest at Coney Island this Fourth of July. According to his manager, Kobayashi has received medical attention for his severe case of oral arthritis, though fighting Wednesday could cause permanent damage to his jaw. Hey, a guy’s got to do what a guy’s go to do. amNew York spoke with Dr. Barry Rozenberg, chief of orofacial pain at NYU’s College of Dentistry, who said, “I tell all my patients to use the ‘two finger rule’: don’t eat any food bigger than two fingers.” We won’t go there…