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Urban Pathways, the services nonprofit, plans to expand its Upper West Side housing location.

The nonprofit wants to renovate the Cluster House, at 904 Amsterdam Ave. and West 104th Street, into 52 studio apartments.

The Cluster House, celebrating its 20th anniversary next month, is a 48-unit single room occupancy building that specializes in housing homeless individuals with mental illness. Clients share bathrooms and are served food from a commercial kitchen on the premises.

With a new 52-unit studio apartment building, residents can learn to live independent lives, according to Frank Shack, Urban Pathways’ executive director.

“Our clients would be better served by providing studios instead of private sleeping accommodations,” Shack said. “It’s an opportunity to live independently, to prepare your own meals and have private accommodations for bathing.”

The renovation of the building will add an additional three stories on the roof, though the added floors will be set back and invisible from the street. The façade will be unchanged.

Shack said he is consulting the community on this proposal, though the city and community board do not need to weigh in on the project for it to move forward.

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