Hipster Hookers the Next Call Girls

Written by Jerry Portwood on . Posted in Breaking News, Posts.

Radar’s next issue features a story by Jessica Pilot that looks into the girls that hang out at the Beatrice Inn and get paid to fuck guys who shouldn’t have any problem getting girls anyway. But hey, it’s easier (and cheaper) to pay a girl to have sex with you than have to date her. These privileged ladies, including Heather who has a job in fashoin media, are so post-feminist that they studied women’s studies and decided to "freelance" in the sex trade instead of pursue loftier pursuits.

"Heather’s other partner, a blonde with freckled ivory skin with whom
she had some common friends, works under the name Kelly. After
graduating from an Ivy League college in 2006, Kelly says she was
thinking about going to grad school to become an English professor.
She’s decided to put that aspiration on hold, though, while she rakes
in the equivalent of an investment banker’s salary selling sex."

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