Hell Hath No Fury…

Written by John DeSio on . Posted in Politics, Posts.

Last year, Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd (pictured) supported his home state colleague, Senator Joe Lieberman, in his Democratic primary race against liberal favorite Ned Lamont. When Lamont defeated Lieberman, Dodd switched his support and backed his party’s nominee over the incumbent and eventual winner Lieberman.

This morning on Meet The Press both Lieberman and Dodd appeared, and host Tim Russert asked Lieberman if he would support Dodd’s presidential ambitions in 2008. For now, Lieberman will do no such thing. Quote:

"I, very briefly, look, I’ve
worked closely with Chris Dodd for 18 years.  His experience, his ability,
makes him a very credible candidate for president.  I wish him well. 
I’ve had a lot of politics over the last two years.  I’m staying out of
the president—any presidential campaign for a while," said Lieberman.

Had Dodd stuck with Lieberman in the general election, is there any doubt Lieberman would have jumped to endorse his Nutmeg State colleague?