Go West Old Icon!

Written by Marin Resnick on . Posted in Posts.

The Moondance Diner is yet another victim of over gentrification The diner, where Monica Geller once worked, was purchased by Wyoming residents for a mere $7,500 over the internet. It was sold so that more luxury condos could grace the skyline. The relocation of the urban symbol was planned to begin yesterday. However, the city put a stop to it because there were unsure as to how the diner’s going to be lifted from its foundation.

The diner can be moved as soon as the procedure is clarified to assure it meets safety requirements, Department of Buildings spokeswoman Kate Lindquist said. "They have the permits, but their plans need clarification," she said. "Once they provide the department with the plan and it is approved they can proceed."

We hoped they were going to change their minds and leave a piece of the city’s history here, unlike London who let their bridge go.

Photo courtesy of Dontink from Flickr.