Give My Regards To Old Broadway

Written by Kari Milchman on . Posted in Posts.

As if this city isn’t already busting at the seams, Mayor Bloomberg has announced a $30 million global ad campaign
targeting those overseas. And like all things New York, no longer is
just simply being New York enough, it’s got to have a showy, commercial
introduction. This includes a downright weird TV spot that looks as
though the makers were on psychedelic drugs while editing and that
features a way too happy family of tourists to air in England, Ireland, France and Spain.
The “I Love New York” slogan has been replaced with “This Is New York
City,” which will appear everywhere from in magazines, newspapers and
online ads to billboards and bus shelters in Brazil, Portugal and Italy
as well as Boston, Philadelphia and Miami. The mission of this wildly
avant-garde investment is to attract 50 million visitors by 2015, about 6 million more than clogged the streets last year.