Girardi To Manage Yanks

Written by Jason Singer on . Posted in Posts, Sports.

New York Yankees were so tired of Joe Torre, they decided to not even
hire his bench coach and loyal lieutenant. In yet another slap in the
face to the Torre regime, the Yankees passed over Don Mattingly and offered Joe Girardi their managerial job early this morning. Girardi is expected to accept.

The news helps to steal headlines from Alex Rodriguez, who last night
displayed as much class as Russian whore house by announcing he was opting out of his contract
in the middle of Game 4 of the World Series. But because Girardi was
working as a broadcaster for Fox Sports in Denver last night, an
official announcement won’t be made until Tuesday so he can fly back to
New York, which means 24 more hours of stories about A-Rod and his
scumbaggy “superagent” Scott Boras.

Girardi (pictured) won the National League Manager of the Year in 2006
as skipper of the Florida Marlins—a team with just a $14 million
payroll—but was fired after a rift with owner Jeffrey Loria. And that’s
the kind of guy Girardi is. He’s a hardnosed, get-in-your-face manager
who commands respect. But after being coddled by Torre like trust-fund
babies for so many years, many of New York’s veterans might just cry
and pout if someone ruffles their feathers. But who cares? This could be good for the
Yanks, who clearly weren’t getting great results while being pampered
like spoiled princesses.