GIFT GUIDE 2009: $50 and Under

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$50 and Under

suckUK’s Glow Graffiti

$50 at AC Gears, 69 E. 8th St. (at Broadway), 212-260-1169

is for tweens, but who wants to deal with the whole “committing a
crime” thing that actual spray-paint graffiti requires? Well, there is
a magical middle of the road option with suckUK’s Glow Graffiti. This
kit comes with a “spray can,” which is really just a UV light that lets
you paint any glowing message or design you want on the special canvas.
You can use the stencils that are supplied or just go free form and
follow your inner Dick Chicken. The images fade after awhile, meaning
this gift can be stored once it gets boring and brought back out
whenever the need for a UV party hits.

Mapping New York

$49.95 at Strand Book Store, 828 Broadway (at E. 12th St.), 212-473-1452 For
your friend with the weird obsession with coffee table books—you know
you have one—or your friend with the weird of obsession with maps of
New York City—you know you have one of those too—Mapping New York is the perfect gift (bonus if said friends are dating because you can kill two birds with one stone).

Big and beautiful, Mapping New York’s 272
pages are filled with maps documenting the city’s urban and social
history reaching as far back as the 16th century. Not the kind of New
York map you could carry in your pocket, Mapping New York forgoes the functional for the artistic and captures the logistics of the city in both color and black-andwhite illustrations.

The Automatic Marshmallow Bazooka

$49.95 at Hammacher Schlemmer, 147 E. 57th St. (betw. 3rd & Lexington Aves.), 212-421-9000 

We’ve never been in a marshmallow fight. Of
all the foods that one could fight with, the innocuous little balls of
fluff never seemed the type to make a big enough mess or inflict damage
the way, say, a slap with a slice of pizza might. If you’re taking this
bad boy into battle, that could all change—it can launch up to five
marshmallows each minute at a length of 40 feet. Whether assembling
ultimate s’mores or simply pelting unsuspecting friends and loved ones,
this seems to be the next level weapon of choice for food fights.

The Momofuku Cookbook

$40 at McNally-Jackson, 52 Prince St. (betw. Lafayette & Mulberry Sts.), 212- 274-1160 Getting a table at one of David Chang’s restaurants can be a difficult and expensive endeavor. With the release of Momofuku Cookbook, though,
you’ve now got the power to make dishes like bahn mi, authentic ramen
and Chang’s famous pork buns at home. Sure, some of the
ingredients—grapeseed oil, pickled sunchokes, Sichuan pepper corns—are
hard to find, but imagine the pleasure you’ll take in making your
roommates reserve the kitchen table via email 30 days in advance or
scorning vegetarian friends for their foolish dietary choices, just
like Chang does! Really, though, if you’re going to cook like any New
York chef, this is the place to start—and be sure to invite us over, we
can’t get a table at Ko either.

Dick Coozy

$49.95 at

press materials crow “Say Goodbye to Embarrassing Winter Shrinkage,”
but that’s only one of the God-knows-how-many ways that the
frankly-named (and aspirationallysized) Dick Coozy—dreamed up by East
Village Radio hosts Hella Rader and Ruth Gilwit and created by
Brooklyn’s own Kindling and Tinder—could be used. Made from Merino
wool, the soft ween warmer has a pouch to ensure proper coverage of
twig and berries and comes custom made to suit your own
stocking stuffer. Kids, it won’t work as birth control and it’s not
doctorrecommended, but of all the things we’re putting on our junk in
2010, this just might be the favorite.