GIFT GUIDE 2009: $100 and Under

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Hashish Candle

$68 at Jonathan Adler, 37 Greenwich Ave. (at Charles St.), 212-488-2803

Normally people attempt to mask the smell of burning drugs escaping from their rooms, but with this lovely candle
from potter-about-town Jonathan Adler, the musky hash scent is the whole
point. Ensconced in a pot-leaf-festooned ceramic container (just right
for a stash box once the candle is gone), this two-wicked wonder is the
perfect gift for the kid sick of tucking a towel under his door (“It’s
the candle, Mom, I swear!”) or the sort of aged, bohemian smoker who
can pull off the type of décor that usually comes along with Phish fans.

Sonic Fabric Neckties

$90 at

than wasting precious time trying to rewind the tape in their
old-school cassettes, the people over at Sonic Fabric decided to turn
it into neckties. The end result is one wardrobe accessory that’s at
once fashionable and audible. Made from a 50/50 mix of audiocassette
tape and polyester thread, Sonic Fabric neckties take the fusion of
fashion and music to the next level; all it takes is a tape
head—compliments of a little MacGyvering with an old Walkman—to unleash
these ties’ melodious mysteries. A special edition series of ties come
in gray, black or brown, and, thanks to a collaboration with artists
Julio Cesar, feature an audio ode to New York City life recorded on the
streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The Mighty Boosh

$79.99 at Barnes & Noble, 97 Warren St. (at Greenwich St.), 212-587-5389

dryly-observed comic concoction spiked with Monty Python-esque
surrealism, this British sitcom follows the misadventures of Vince Noir
and Howard Moon (creators Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt) as they
work at a run-down zoo, live in a London flat and take new jobs at the
pricelessly named “Nabootique” shop. But The Mighty Boosh’s “plot
arc”matters a whole lot less than the wild digressions, musical
interludes, talking animals and all other kinds of wacked-out craziness
that spring from the collective minds of its makers. It’s an acquired
taste worth acquiring, and this tricked-out special edition set makes
it easy to do so: besides all 20 episodes, the collection contains
multiple commentary tracks, documentaries, deleted scenes and
compilations of songs within the series and more.