Frozen Faves

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Nothing makes summer more enjoyable than frozen drinks, but there’s more out there than margaritas and Jamba Juice spiked with vodka. Check out these four new favorites and never go sober again!

The German Chocolate Cake
Imagine the best milkshake you’ve ever had poured in a fancy glass and enhanced with rum and Frangelico. This is better.
(Otto’s Shrunken Head, 38 E. 14th St., betw. 1st Ave. & Ave. A, 212-228-2240; $10)

Rosas Manzanilla
If heaven made a Slurpee, this rose petal, rum and manzanilla sherry drink would be it.
(Macondo, 157 E. Houston St., betw. Allen & Eldridge Sts., 212-473-9900; $7.50)

Head is where it’s at. The top of this pint of Dos Equis has a thick layer of frozen, key lime margarita mix.
(Daddy’s, 435 Graham Ave., betw. Frost & Richardson Sts., Brooklyn, 718-609-6388; $5)

Frozen Zombie
With layers of three kinds of rum, pineapple, orange juice and a passion fruit puree-coated rim, do you really need the extra shot of Bacardi 151 in the straw. Yes, yes you do.
(Zombie Hut, 273 Smith St., betw. Degraw & Sackett Sts., Brooklyn,
718-875-3433; $7)