Freeing The iPhone

Written by Jill Colvin on . Posted in Posts, Technology.

Leave it to a Jersey teen to screw with one of the
largest exclusivity deals in modern technological history. Up until now, anyone
who wanted to use one of Apple’s superstar iPhones had to join the AT&T
wireless network. But thanks to George Hotz, a 17-year-old from Glen Rock, that’s
no longer the case. Using software and solder, Hotz managed to “unlock” the
device so that it can now be used on other wireless networks
, including those of
overseas carriers. He’s already switched over to T-Mobile, the only provider in
the country other than AT&T compatible with the phone’s technology.

Hotz has posted the instructions for the procedure on
his blog, here, so if you’ve got two hours and you’re willing to risk breaking your
$500.00 must-have tech-toy, you can give it a try for yourself. Hotz said that
he wishes he could have made the instructions simpler, but that he did the best
he could do. Hotz also said that he doesn’t want anyone profiting from the
discovery. But that certainly hasn’t stopped him from cashing in. Not only did Hotz get
his name into all the major papers, but he’s put the world’s second unlocked
phone up for bid on eBay, where it’s now up to a whopping $15,600.00,
with 6 days left to go. How much are you willing to pay for a little piece of mobile history?

Photo courtesy of elroySF on Flickr