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To the Editor:
New York City residents will miss out on ’s offering a $20 meal for eight people this Thanksgiving. This includes a 12-pound turkey at 40 cents per pound, along with discounts on vegetables, cranberry sauce, stuffing, potatoes, dinner rolls and pumpkin pie. The unemployed, seniors, those on fixed incomes and the less fortunate will suffer.

Consumers continue to be denied the opportunity to shop at Wal-Mart. This is a result of narrow-minded New York City Council members who refuse to allow Wal-Mart an opportunity to open stores within the five boroughs.

In 2008, millions of Americans cashed more than half a billion dollars worth of stimulus checks at Wal-Mart. The chain offers generic drugs for $4 and three months of medicine for $10, shared more than $2 billion in profits with employees as bonuses and reduced prices on more than 16,000 types of back-to-school clothing and supplies, including inexpensive computers for kids. Even with anti-Wal-Mart hysteria, the company still committed to transferring several hundred employees to support expanding the New York City offices.

Isn’t it time to let consumers make the decision on what to buy and where to shop, rather than Council Speaker and her colleagues?

Larry Penner
Great Neck, Long Island

Letters have been edited for clarity, style and brevity.

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