Famed West Side Restaurant to Shut Doors

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O’Neals’, the famous Upper West Side , will close its doors and serve its final meals on June 27.

The eatery was recently purchased by Stephen P. Hanson, owner of the Atlantic Grill on Third Ave. He plans on converting the space into another Atlantic Grill.

The news was originally reported by the New York Post who said that O’Neals’ would close its doors in late May.

That was incorrect according to Mike Caffey, a manager at O’Neals’.

“The Post got the story right, but the facts were wrong,” he said.

The O’Neal family first opened The Ginger Man in 1964. It closed seven years ago for renovations, and reopened under the moniker O’Neals’. There is no word as to whether the restaurant will reopen somewhere else.

“The O’Neal family has been in the restaurant business for 46 years, starting with The Ginger Man. As of now, we have not heard any news about relocation,” said Peter Phyo, another manager at O’Neals’.

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