Elevators Gobble Up New Yorkers

Written by Jerry on . Posted in Lifestyle, Posts.

Former "Oz" actor Granville Adams has been arraigned for allegedly pushing a man down an elevator shaft at the Chelsea nightclub BED on Saturday. He claims it was self-defense. What’s so strange about the whole thing is it’s an incident that could have been one of the many violent acts from an episode of the HBO prison drama where it wasn’t unusual for an inmate to off someone by using a convenient open elevator.

But the city’s elevators were hungry for more. Two men tumbled down a Queens high-rise elevator shaft the following day and weren’t discovered until 12 hours later. You know director Dick Maas (no that’s not some dirty joke) already predicted NY elevators would act erratically and start their attack on the city’s innocent in his film Down (aka The Shaft) about a killer elevator.

Now we’re not implying that the elevators are on attack mode—just be careful not to repeatedly push that button and piss it off today.