Efrain Gonzalez, Father Of The Year

Written by John DeSio on . Posted in Politics, Posts.

In today’s Daily News, Thomas Zambito explores the life and times of Jeanette Carlomagno, the first ex-wife of currently indicted Bronx State Senator Efrain Gonzalez.  The crux of the story is Gonzalez’s neglect of his 19-year-old son Michael, who is severely developmentally disabled and requires around-the-clock care.

The News lists the story as an exclusive, and that’s not entirely true. Though none of the other dailies have have apparently spoken with Carlomagno, Candice M. Giove (my colleague at the Riverdale Review/Bronx Press) had her own at length interview with Gonzalez’s ex-wife a few weeks ago, and ran her own story on January 11. You can read it here.

In Giove’s story, Carlomagno notes that Gonzalez did not call his son to wish him a Merry Christmas last year, and discusses her ongoing court battles with her former husband.

"He’ll pay lawyers
$1,000 or more to not pay $90 a month extra," Carlomagno said. "He’s not
voluntarily added any income for Michael without bringing a lawyer to fight