St. Mark’s Giant Dog Adopted, Re-Named

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I was on the way to Kim’s Video on St. Marks Place this morning to return Brokeback Mountain (I made it through the final scene dry-eyed, but when the credits rolled and Willie Nelson’s voice sang “He was a friend of mine. Every time I think of him, I just can’t keep from cryin,” I sipped my beer and let the tears come.). I stopped for coffee and a croissant at 18 St. Marks. Truth be told, I passed the storefront – since I still associate the Clifford-sized plaster dog atop the awning with Good Dog, the Chicago-style hot dog joint that had until recently occupied the space – but I did a double take when I noticed it was once again open, now called Spot’s Café.

“What happened to Good Dog?” I asked the gruff, heavyset man clad in a maroon apron who seemed to be the owner.

“Just didn’t work out I guess.”

“But you kept the dog?”

“We named him Spot.”

I’d interviewed the owner of Good Dog and the artist who created the giant plaster dog back in March of 2007, when the dog was lying on his back, with his tongue hanging out like he wanted a belly rub, taking up the entire store.

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Sipping Spirits at The Campbell Apt

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Many of us are still smarting from the aftermath of the company holiday party. The annual ritual is part sadistic torture, part fascinating sociological study. With open bars a-flowing, the whole affair takes on stupendous proportions in New York, where boozing like an 18-year-old with a recently acquired fake ID is the norm. The holiday party venue is an easy measure of a company’s financial soundness, and what better time to judge the solidity of your feed-source than just before the new year? By any measure of performance, for instance, Merrill Lynch employees should feel lucky the company’s holiday celebration wasn’t at Mars Bar.
On the other hand, it would seem that companies such as Price Waterhouse Coopers had a relatively lucrative year considering its party took place at the swank Campbell Apartment in Grand Central. The posh interiors of financier John W. Campbell’s office make for an intimate, decidedly Anglo, old-money sort of feel. The ornately painted beams running across the 20-foot high ceiling and the Persian carpets trigger a desire to curl up and listen to one of FDR’s fireside chats...

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Veggie Castle Closing by Christmas

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‘Twas a dark week in the kingdom of Veggie Castle – formerly a White Castle converted to a vegetarian eatery on Church Avenue in Flatbush. First because someone got shot in their parking lot Thursday morning. But more importantly (and totally unrelated):  They announced their imminent closure after a 10-year run.

The demise of this rare vendor of jerk tofu, porridge, elaborate juices and “Ital Jockey” – a brew of sea moss, bee pollen, Chinese herbs and cashews, among other things – shall be felt not only by the nabe’s Rastafarians and Caribbean residents, but by all those herbivores from Park Slope and beyond who have trekked southeastward to sample their steaming buffet that has been called, “a rite of passage” for serious vegetarians.

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