Where There’s a Will…

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“Look at me, man, I’m trying to close a bar.”

Jud Mongel was holding a broom in one hand and a dustpan in the other. He had more important things to do than talk about his new, hipper-than-thou Greenpoint bar, Five Leaves, and I’d started to catch some nasty stares from the “friends and family” that made up the opening night’s crowd. A waitress came over and took half my beer away. “Look, I’m sorry, Jud said I can’t talk to you,” a redheaded woman with glasses—who minutes before was chatting with me happily about the place—said.

Five Leaves opened last Friday, but has been in the press for months thanks to the marquee name of one of its original investors, Heath Ledger. After the movie idol’s untimely passing, his father reportedly ponied up the cash Ledger had pledged to open the Bedford Avenue space...

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One Great Plate: Pickled Ginger Scallops with Candied Red Chili

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“Graffiti” is an evocative word. When a friend recommended that I try a wine bar in the East Village by that name, I pictured lots of neon, a stellar Italian beer selection and spike-haired young Europhiles with cigarettes drooping from their lips. Taking a reluctant step inside Jehangir Mehta’s shoebox of a restaurant, I was [&hellip
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One Great Plate: Watermelon Soup With Crab and Wildflower Honey

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Forge, the new American restaurant in the Tribeca space once occupied by Dekk, has the rustic throwback décor of an earthy cabin in the mountains: Lots of old woods dominate the space, decorated with an antique stove, butcher block tables and old cookbooks, but filtered through a glossy, youthful energy. There are no white tablecloths [&hellip
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Funky Dunkin’

Written by Adam Rathe on . Posted in Eat & Drink, Posts

This week, Dunkin’ Donuts launched the new DDSmart breakfast menu. Featuring a new muffin, low-cal smoothies and two egg-white omelet sandwiches, the menu is meant to appeal to calorie-conscious people who, for some reason, think that muffins and breakfast sandwiches are diet food.

As long-time snack enthusiasts, we were excited at the prospect of a morning time booze sponge that is slightly less bad for us and, featuring ingredients like flat bread and turkey sausage, speaks to our aspirational eating habits.

The first day the new menu was available, we tried three stores—none of which had the items or knew what we were talking about—before just ordering chocolate-coconut donuts and calling the whole thing off. Today, there was better luck.

We ordered a multi-grain bagel with light cream cheese, both egg white sandwiches, the reduced-fat blueberry muffin and the reduced-calorie berry smoothie. Once everything was laid out on a filing cabinet, we dug in. Below, a play-by-play.

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