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DT_Katz2 copy Best Bagels Mile End, Mile End Sandwich H&H is dead. We’ve all grieved its passing, and rightfully so, but it’s about time to move to the final stage of mourning—acceptance—and crown a new bagel empire to take its place. More dedicated writers than us have tried and failed to crown an objective champion in [&hellip
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Heirloom Tomato and Watermelon Salad with Basil

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HeirloomWatermelonSalad By Liza Huber for New York Family Magazine Before the official end of summer, savor this colorful and delicious recipe. Add in a touch of basil, and you have a wonderful salad your whole family will love! Ingredients (serves 4) 1/2 lb. of baby heirloom tomatoes (about 2 containers); washed, with larger ones cut in [&hellip
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The Humble Bird

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608px-Arroz-con-Pollo A chicken in every pot—for every budget   There is nothing more basic than a chicken dinner. Once a sign of prosperity (“Winner, winner, chicken dinner,” anyone?) and stability, it has over the years been downgraded to the most basic unit of protein, good for not much more than adding bulk to a Caesar salad [&hellip
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Last Glass with the Penniless Epicure

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thepennilessepicure-150x60 A few bits of ageless wine wisdom to drink by And so we have come, dear reader, to the end of the road. Yes, I am sad to report that you are reading what is to be the final installment of Penniless Epicure published by Manhattan Media. I don’t know if I’ve actually picked up [&hellip
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Do This Now: Labor Day BBQ Edition

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Sure, you’ve got plans for Labor Day—on Monday afternoon you’re going to clamber out onto a friend’s rusty old fire escape or share the cement median strip your neighborhood calls a park with 37 strangers and say you’re having a barbecue. If you’re lucky, someone will bring a package of Hebrew Nationals; if not, it’s Oscar [&hellip
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Making, Then Breaking the Mold at the East Village’s Northern Spy Food Co.

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Dining-NorthernSpyInteriors Northern Spy Food Co. sounds like one of a thousand similar restaurants, but it’s on another playing field altogether It’s almost embarrassing trying to explain Northern Spy Food Co. to friends. “I found this fantastic little restaurant in the East Village,” you start. Already you can see their eyes start to glaze over, but they [&hellip
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