Don’t Let Box-Blockers Slide

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Voices_Lead letter ph_fmt1The city needs to enforce the rules against “blocking the box” in downtown traffic

Mayor Bloomberg did not get voters’ approval for his “Congestion Pricing” scheme so he did everything he could to make life miserable for downtown residents.

Here’s one example – the city stopped enforcing rules against “Blocking the Box.”

Voices_Lead letter pho_fmtAbove are examples of the un-enforced “Blocking the Box” rules by out-of-state autos on Broome Street. This occurs on a daily basis and not only costs local businesses and residents time and money, but quality of life. It’s been going on for so many years that it has become normal.

It’s time to enforce the traffic laws on out of state violators. The city could use the revenue and residents and local businesses could use the relief. Please help.

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