Don’t Count Out NYC Comptroller John Liu Just Yet

Written by Chris Bragg on . Posted in Posts.

The irony could hardly have been thicker: With Comptroller John Liu’s
campaign operation under federal investigation, he was scheduled to
speak to the city’s top lawyers at New York Law School about the
auditing role of his office. —

Yet far from canceling the event Friday morning, Liu plowed ahead.
His press aide circled the room to notify each and every reporter that
he would speak to the media after the speech. And after 20 minutes
touting his accomplishments in the city’s watchdog office, Liu addressed
the criminal charges against a top campaign fundraiser head-on, calling
them “embarrassing” and calling for a full accounting of his own
election finances.

A full public schedule followed for the rest of the weekend –
uncharacteristic for someone under fire, but characteristic for Liu –
with six more events Friday, four Saturday, five yesterday and five

People close to Liu say that such moxie is hardly out of the ordinary.

“John Liu is a bad-ass,” said one rival political insider. “He’s not going to give a s— what anyone thinks about him.”

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