Disenchanted Voters

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To the Editor:
Unless you’ve been living in a cave all summer, between campaign mailings, newspaper ads, radio and television commercials, debates along with articles and editorials, everyone knew there was a primary election. With 3.2 million registered Democrats, only 10 percent, or 351,000, voted. Ninety percent, or 2,849,000, stayed home, making “None of the Above” the real winner. Bill Thompson (mayor), and (comptroller), and and () all failed to close the deal with voters on the merits of their respective candidacies. Too bad that Republicans, other than nominating , are running totally unknown candidates for these other two offices. GOP candidates Joe Mendola for comptroller and Alex Zablocki for public advocate lack the millions of dollars necessary to run competitive contests in the general election.

Larry Penner
Great Neck, Long Island

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