Diners Rockin’ And Rollin’… And Rollin’

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couple of weeks ago, we told you about the famed Moondance Diner’s little shimmy
all the way to Wyoming. Owners
Vincent and Cheryl Pierce planned to load the entire restaurant—once slated for
—onto a semi-tractor-trailer and to haul it to LaBarge, WY, where
it would become the town’s one and only eatery. Though the plan sounded a bit
wacky to us at the time, it turns out that the Moondance is actually just
one of many
historic diners being relocated in order to save their quintessentially
American walls from the bulldozers of more profitable development. 

yesterday, Staten Island’s 75-year-old Victory Diner joined the ranks. The diner, also originally
slated for destruction, was transported from Dongan Hills to Midland
on the back of a flatbed truck. The $10,000 purchasing
price was paid for by the Richmond County Savings Bank Foundation, while other
groups collected the $20,000 needed to cover the moving cost. “I was so happy when I heard it was going to be saved I
actually cried,” local resident Susan Pugliese, who was married in the diner,
told reporters. The Victory will be renovated and then moved again to a new
location now under construction off of the boardwalk in Ocean Breeze where it
is slated to open in the Spring of 2009. 2009? That’s a pretty
long wait time for a burger and fries. But get this: This is not the first time
the Victory has taken a joy ride on the back of a truck. The diner was actually
moved once before, back in 1664, when it was relocated to Dongan Hills from
Victory Boulevard in the Castleton Corners section of Staten Island.
Talk about keeping the kitchen moving.

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