Deputy Mayor Takes to the Twittersphere to Defend the Bloomberg

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Wolfson takes to the to defend the administration

When Mayor Michael Bloomberg is under attack, one trusty weapon in Deputy Mayor ’s arsenal is the tweet.

Wolfson, Bloomberg’s deputy mayor for government affairs and communications, has been garnering attention in recent months for taking to the Twittersphere to go after the administration’s critics, from elected officials like Public Advocate Bill de Blasio to journalists and news outlets like The .

“I think it has the benefit of being unfiltered and immediate, and those are two things that are difficult to find elsewhere,” Wolfson said of his use of . “Although it limits one to 140 characters, it does give you the freedom to say what you want to say, when you want to say it and speak directly to the audience that is following you.”

Wolfson, who has been tweeting for several years as @howiewolf, said he used the social media website during the 2009 Bloomberg campaign to engage Bill Thompson, the mayor’s Democratic challenger. And like many Twitter users, he regularly mixes in his outside interests (Major League Baseball, Bruce Springsteen) with work-related matters (proposed soda size restrictions, bike lanes).

Here’s a selection of his Twitter exchanges.

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