DeKalb Station Survives Fire

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By Paul Bisceglio


Photo by David Shankbone, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

A beneath a subway tunnel just north of caused line delays and closures Tuesday evening.

The two-alarm blaze began around 3 p.m., and was caused by a shorted cable beneath a manhole, according to . Authorities removed power from the station as firefighters arrived on the scene to extinguish the flames.

“The firefighters were battling a blaze that was so deep in the tunnel, they could barely see,” said ABC’s Traffic Center. “It was so hot, so smoky down there, that some firefighters were overcome by it, needed oxygen when they got out, and all of them needed to cool off after a fire ripped through the afternoon rush hour.”

DeKalb is a Brooklyn transportation hub, so the B, D, F, N, Q and R lines were all affected: M.T.A. paused all B, D, N, Q and R service between Manhattan and Brooklyn, and redirected the F line.

FDNY declared the fire under control at 6:17 p.m., though service irregularities lasted into the night. Everything was back to normal this morning.

According to an M.T.A. spokesperson, no injuries or trapped straphangers were reported.

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