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Council Member is accusing the Department of of being noncompliant with a law to study traffic. Brewer authored a bill, signed into law in 2008, which requires the department to reduce traffic congestion and promote buses, ferries, bicycling and walking. An annual report is due to the Council by Nov. 1.

Brewer considered the department’s first 2008 report comprehensive and sufficient, but she says the 2009 study leaves out crucial details outlined by the law. “Indicators” of traffic throughout the city, such as vehicle and bus speeds, ridership statistics, crash data and pedestrian usage, were left out of the 2009 report. The newer study instead details the department’s accomplishments and gives updates on initiatives such as Select Bus Service and the Summer Streets program.

“Transit advocates, community boards and the general public appreciate the department’s report,” Brewer wrote to Janette Sadik-Kahn, the department commissioner. “[The 2009 report] lacks the borough-by-borough analysis of traffic and alternative modes of transportation.”

The department did not return requests for comment about Brewer’s letter.

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