Crowd Votes Against Illegal Immigration

Written by John DeSio on . Posted in Politics, Posts.

With a 60-37 vote the crowd at Tuesday night’s Intelligence Squared, U.S., forum on illegal immigration passed a resolution declaring that America should stop welcoming undocumented immigrants. The debate took place at the Asia Society and Museum in Manhattan.

Panelists for the debate were
Vernon M. Briggs, Jr. of Cornell University, Mark Krikorian of the Center for
Immigration Studies, and Heather Mac Donald of Manhattan Institute
speaking for the motion, and Daniel T. Griswold of Cato University,
Enrique Morones of Border Angels and Karen K. Narasaki of the Asian American
Justice Center speaking against the motion.   John Hockenberry,
served as moderator. 

"Immigration reform is a
very timely topic and one that clearly doesn’t divide people along typical
ideological lines," said Robert Rosenkranz, chairman of The Rosenkranz
Foundation, which sponsored the debate.  "These debates demonstrate that it is possible to have a
civil and meaningful discussion on topics that are usually quite
polarizing," he added.

For video and transcripts of the debate, go here.

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