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A 28-year-old woman was leaving a bakery on Broadway on a recent Saturday
when she noticed her wallet was missing. The woman canceled her credit cards,
but it was too late. Her credit card had already been used to buy $300 worth of products
at a yoga and athletic-wear store, as well as a MetroCard. However, the perp was later captured on a shop’s surveillance video in the act of buying a red velvet cupcake. No arrest has been made, but the cupcake shop will release the tape soon.

A West 83rd Street woman returned to her apartment on Tuesday, Jan. 15, to find her rifled through and her most valuable items stolen. The thief only took diamonds, gold and some heirloom pieces, leaving all her costume behind, she reported. Her son slept through the whole incident. They live in a doorman building, and the robbery victim said she has always considered it so safe that she had neglected to lock her door. Not anymore. Later, some neighbors told her that they had seen a suspicious man walking in the halls, and that he had rung some doorbells, only to say he had the wrong apartment when someone answered. They reported the man to the doorman. All in all, the woman says she lost about $4,000 worth of .

Last Saturday, officers observed a 31-year-old man purchasing home goods at a furniture store using forged credit cards. Upon being confronted, the perp resisted arrest and tried to throw away the evidence in an attempt to feign innocence. He was arrested nonetheless and charged with grand . His victims live outside New York City, and have been informed of the credit card thefts.

An 83-year-old man reported over $22,000 stolen from his bank account recently. The man was in his apartment at West 64th Street when he received a call from his bank citing the suspicious activity. The perpetrator used fake checks, and the victim’s money has not been recovered. The withdrawal could have occurred anytime between Dec. 1 and Jan. 2. No arrests have been made yet.

A Yamaha piano was stolen out of a 28-year-old musician’s apartment on Riverside Drive. The victim traveled to Korea on Jan. 5 and returned on Jan. 10 to find his piano missing. The perpetrator, when found, will be charged with grand larceny.

On a recent Wednesday morning, a 19-year-old man attempted to walk through the metal detectors at Brandeis School on West 84th Street. When the security officer told him to wait, the defendant became loud and threatening. The perp then attempted to walk through again, and struck the security officer, a 37-year-old male, in the chest and face. The man was arrested for attempted assault, and his victim was taken to the hospital for precautionary measures.

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