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A woman’s gold bracelet was snatched from her side while she was distracted by downward dog. At 11:30 AM on Saturday, February 22, a 26-year-old woman attending a yoga class on West 77th Street removed her gold bracelet and put it on the floor next to her while she was practicing. When she went to put the bracelet back on at the end of the class, she found that it was missing. The absent accessory was valued at $1,800.

Black Day on the Great White Way

A man was caught shoplifting merchandise. At 12:30 PM on Thursday, February 20th, a 45-year-old man was arrested for grand larceny after being caught shoplifting $1,400 worth of clothing at a chain store on Broadway.

Nervous Nasty

Police apprehended a man for the attempted holdup of a bank. At 9:20 AM on Tuesday, February 18, a man entered a bank on Columbus Avenue and passed a note to a teller, saying he wanted money. He lost his nerve, however, and fled without taking anything, before getting arrested by police for attempted robbery.

Time to Retool

Someone stole tools from a construction site. At 8 AM on Monday, February 17, when workers arrived at a construction site on West 75th Street, they discovered that tools were missing, valued at $3,500.

Grand Theft Auto LX

A man stole five cars from an auto rental location. At 8 AM on Monday, February 17, a 19-year-old man entered a car-rental office on West 60th Street and said he was an employee from another location, there to pick up and transport five cars. He took the cars before it was discovered that he was in fact NOT an employee of the company. He was subsequently arrested for grand auto theft.

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