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Three bags containing $31,000 were removed from the vehicle of an ATM service agent. At 12:20 PM on Tuesday, February 18, a 29-year-old man left his Honda Odyssey to refill an ATM with cash at the NYU Law School on West Broadway. When he returned to his vehicle nine minutes later, he found that a rear passenger window had been smashed and three bank bags containing $31,000 in cash were missing from inside the van. Video is available of the incident.

Insurance Theft

Someone took a man’s credit card from his office and made unauthorized charges. At 12 noon on Wednesday, February 12, a man accidentally left his credit card on the desk of his Wall Street insurance office and went to the gym. When he returned, he discovered that the card was missing and found out that unauthorized purchases had been made in the amount of $435 at Best Buy and $3.87 at Starbucks.

Losing Lawyer

Two checks lost by a lawyer were cashed by thieves. In December of 2013, a lawyer working at an office on Exchange Place accidentally dropped two checks in the street. On February 5, he discovered that the checks had been cashed at a TD bank in Midtown. The checks had been written in the amounts of $2,100 and $1,900, for a total of $4,000.

Laurent Larceny

Two women stole a valuable handbag from a high-end boutique. At 5:15 PM on Sunday, February 16, two women in their mid-20s entered a clothing and accessories boutique on Greene Street and shoplifted a Saint Laurent women’s handbag valued at $2,500. Video is available of the incident.


Someone broke into a man’s gym locker and removed his property. At 11:20 AM on Sunday, February 16, a 40-year-old man was working out at a chain fitness club on Broadway. When he returned to his locker 2-1/4 hours later, he discovered that his lock was broken and all his property had been removed. Items stolen included a North Face parka, boots, a wallet, a gym bag, plus various credit and debit cards. The total amount stolen came to $1,920.

Break-In the Habit

A neighborhood newsstand was broken into and cash and merchandise stolen. Sometime between 7 PM on February 13 and 6 AM the following morning, an unknown intruder broke into a newsstand on Broadway and made off with $7,956 worth of cash and merchandise, including cartons of cigarettes and E cigarettes.

MacDougal Marauder

A man’s apartment on MacDougal Street was burglarized. On Wednesday, February 19, a 29-year-old man left his apartment at 1:45 PM to have lunch and do some errands. When he returned at 5:30 PM, he found that the front door of his apartment was open and discovered that a number of items were missing, including a MacBook Air laptop valued at $1,200, an iPad priced at $500, plus $400 in cash.

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