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Illustration by John S. Winkleman

Illustration by John S. Winkleman

The Aide from Hades

A home health aide made unauthorized charges on a patient’s credit card. Sometime between the hours of 8:30 AM and 9 PM on Wednesday, February 19, a 35-year-old female health aide made numerous attempts to charge unauthorized purchases, using the credit card of the 67-year-old male hip-surgery patient who had asked her to go out and buy some groceries. She failed to return his credit card, and the patient discovered that one unauthorized charge had gone through, in the amount of $50.

Someone made unauthorized charges on a woman’s debit card. At 6 PM on Tuesday, February 4, a 25-year-old woman was notified by her bank that charges had been made against her account at two locations in Brooklyn, totaling $552. The woman still had the bank card in her possession.


A man robbed a smoke shop at gunpoint. At 8:50 PM on Saturday, February 15, a man entered a smoke shop on First Avenue, walked around the store’s counter, showed a black handgun to a 39-year-old male employee, and zip-tied the employee’s hands behind his back. The robber then opened the register, grabbed $400 in cash, took several boxes of cigarettes, and stole $50 from the employee before fleeing in an unknown direction. The total haul amounted to $1,950.


Safeguard your apartment and home. Recent burglaries have occurred in the neighborhood. Be alert for suspicious activity.

Perpetrators are gaining entry by:

nForcing locked doors, mainly the front, due to inadequate locks.

nFront doors left open and unsecured.

nUnlocked rear windows.

nFire-escape windows.

Remember to:

1. Secure all windows and doors.

2. Install and lock secondary locks.

3. Do NOT leave your electronics (laptops, iPods, etc.) near your windows in plain view.

4. Install only FDNY-approved safety gates on fire-escape or ground-level windows.

PROTECT YOUR HOME: Your local precinct Crime Prevention Survey consists of a walk-through of your home and a list of security recommendations to help prevent your chances of being burglarized. Call your local precinct and ask the crime prevention officer for this FREE service.

If you have any information regarding any burglaries, please contact your local precinct detective squad.

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