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Crime Watch_DOWNTOWN -_optIdle Threat

Someone drove off in a food vendor’s van. At 10:30 AM on Saturday, December 28, a 49-year-old man had left his 2006 blue Ford van idling on Canal Street with the keys in the ignition. All of a sudden, an unknown person jumped into the vehicle and drove off westbound on Canal Street.

William Walk-In

A man became the victim of a walk-in robbery. At 12:30 AM on Tuesday, December 24, three teenagers followed a 25-year-old man into his apartment building on William Street and robbed him at knifepoint, taking a Samsung cell phone, his credit cards, wallet, and $400 in cash. Video is available of the incident.

Varvatos Vamoose

A thief shoplifted an expensive jacket. At 4:30 PM on Sunday, December 22, a man walked into a clothing boutique on Spring Street, took a black John Varvatos jacket into a dressing room, and then came out of the dressing room wearing the item, before leaving the store without paying. The jacket was valued at $3,000. Video is available of the incident.

Waylaid Suede

A man shoplifted two suede jackets. t 7:15 PM on Sunday, December 29, the staff at a clothing boutique on Spring Street were checking inventory, when they discovered that two jackets were missing. They checked the store’s video and found that a man had walked out of the shop with two Golden Bear suede jackets, each valued at $650.

Shorn Adornments

A robber stole a variety of items from a jewelry store. At 3:30 PM on Sunday, December 22, a man wearing a long brown coat and hat walked into a jewelry store on Spring Street and removed seven watches, two bracelets, two necklaces, and two rings from a display case, before putting the items in his pocket and walking out of the store without paying. The total haul amounted to $3,751. The robbery was caught on the store video.

Minkoff Ripoff

Someone stole property from a woman loading a pickup truck. At 10:30 AM on Saturday, December 21, a 29-year-old woman was loading boxes in the bed of a pickup truck at the southwest corner of Leonard Street and Broadway. She had left her purse on the seat in the truck’s cab. When she went to look for her purse later, she found that it was missing, along with its contents. The items stolen were a Rebecca Minkoff purse valued at $500, a Coach wallet costing $200, an iPhone, $80 in cash, a MetroCard, and various credit cards.

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