Credit Card Carnage

Written by Jerry Danzig on . Posted in Crime Watch Our Town.

A 35-year-old woman living on East 74th Street became the victim of multiple credit card frauds. At 6 PM on Sunday, July 21, the woman returned to her home and checked her mail to find that she had received Best Buy, Home Depot, and Macy’s cards. Upon calling these companies, she heard that unknown persons had opened accounts using her name and address, charging $7,733.77 to the Best Buy account, $1,479.71 to the Macy’s account, and $8,263.41 to the Home Depot account. She then checked her credit report and discovered that unknown persons had also made charges on her existing Banana Republic account in the amount of $872.18, her Gap account in the amount of $746.33, and her J. Crew account in the amount of $670.13. She was still in possession of the Banana Republic, Gap, and J. Crew cards. The unauthorized charges totaled $19,765.

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