Cookie Launches ‘Mom The Vote’

Written by John DeSio on . Posted in Politics, Posts.

All these new initiatives to bring new female voters into the fold could only be good for Hillary Clinton, right?

Conde Nast’s Cookie magazine is launching "Mom The Vote," a non-partisan program designed to education mothers on the issues that concern them in the 2008 presidential elections. This will include the creation of "campaign crib sheets" outlining the progress of the candidates on more momly issues, along with a variety of polls and surveys.

"Smart, engaged mothers are
eager to learn where candidates stand on meaningful issues, but often struggle
to find the time and energy to sift through traditional political reporting to
get clarity on the specifics. Cookie’s ‘MomtheVote’ will be a program
tailor-made for moms to get up to speed on the 2008 Presidential election,”
said Pilar Guzman, editor in chief of Cookie.

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