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Today, Councilman James Sanders thanked the Department of Education for keeping Brookville School in Operation.  Sanders joined parents and students from throughout the Brookville community in celebrating the news that PS 181 would not be closing its doors.  The decision to keep the school open was announced by school officials Friday morning.

Sanders says, he is “extremely gratified to learn that PS 181 will be remaining open.  Having met with the students and faculty of 181, I know that this is a terrific school, whose dedicated teachers and administrators are doing an excellent job, and whose students are performing at an extremely high level.”

The Councilman attended a rally last month outside the school with parents, students, faculty and members of the Brookville community who had been informed that their school was facing possible closure due to performance issues.  The administration and Councilman’s office took issue suggesting that recent changes in testing standards and grading policies from the Department of Education had unfairly made the school appear to be performing worse than it actually was.

“I commend the Brookville community for the way they came together on this,” continued the Councilman.  “We sent a clear and definitive message to the Department of Education not to shutter one of the last grade schools in the area.  Closing schools dislocates and confuses children, making it that much harder for them to focus, study and thrive.  I thank the Department of Education for leaving 181 open and affording it this opportunity to continue its mission of educating tomorrow’s leaders.”  Congratulations and best of luck to 181.

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