Columbia, Take A Page From Your Book

Written by Kari Milchman on . Posted in Education, Posts.

The New York Sun ran an article yesterday that put Columbia University back in the spotlight, so soon after slinking away beneath the shadow of the Iranian president’s visit last
week. “A new documentary about censorship on college campuses claims
that Columbia administrators demanded content review of all footage
shot on its property in an effort to stifle an unflattering
representation of the university,” the paper reports. What’s this? No,
it can’t be!  But Columbia is a beacon of free speech, giving the
Ahmadinejad’s of the world a platform to spread their bizarre message
of peace and love.

The film in question, titled Indoctrinate-U (which would make a great t-shirt, by the way), premiered at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
last week. The documentary claims that institutions of higher education
silence the healthy debate necessary to expand the mind (dude) by
silencing viewpoints considered not-so-politically correct. You can
find deleted scenes here
showing director Evan Mahoney getting a lesson from school
administrators on filming rules at Columbia, which allegedly included
being accompanied by one of their own at all times, final content
control, and a vacillating fee dependent on the film’s stance (pretty
much proving Mahoney’s point). A Columbia spokesman, of course, denies
these claims, all but asserting Mahoney’s footage is CGI.