College Survival Guide: How to Get a Fake ID

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We do not promote fake IDs, but if you were ever going to get one, here’s how to do it.

When looking for a vendor (in the West Village on Bleecker St. may or may not be a good place to look, just saying), choose one based on word of mouth. Ask around campus where satisfied customers got theirs. A fake that can trick ID-testing scanners is ideal, so make sure to inquire about that, too.

Expect to drop about $150 to $170 for a quality ID. Pay in cash, and don’t buy online. Sounds obvious, but naive freshmen have done these things. Also, be careful how much info you give the fake ID vendor, and don’t let them hold on to your actual ID for too long.

If you have a choice, get a fake that is not a Maine ID. Most fakes are from Maine since the design is easy to forge, so Maine will automatically make booze-hawkers and bouncers suspicious. It’s probably best to get a fake with your real name on it, since then you can use a credit card to “prove” it’s real. Some argue that, if you are busted, it is better to have a false name on the fake so you can scurry off without being identified, but we’ve never really found this to be the case.

Avoiding bars where fakes are more prevalent in favor of bars where honest-to-God people over 21 hang out is also key. The less like a college bar someplace is, the less likely they expect underage college kids to sneak in.

Once you’ve got the goods, don’t mix up your real ID with your fake, which is easy to do when drunk. If you ever accidentally give your fake to a cop when you’ve been pulled over, shit can get ugly.