Cloud Cult Bombards The Senses At The Bowery

Written by David Callicott on . Posted in Music, Posts.

Although I was tempted to venture across the river Saturday night to catch the local three-way headlined by Vampire Weekend, I just wasn’t feeling that ambitious. Fortunately Cloud Cult was playing at Bowery, so I could let my lazyflag fly and still see an impressive, multi-media affair.

The stage backdrop was a movie screen on which images ranging from
molecular fission cartoons to scenes lifted from Ron Fricke’s Baraka
were projected throughout the duration of the show. Then there was, of
course, the music. Cloud Cult, who sometimes sounds like both the
melodic and punk sides of Modest Mouse, delivered a passionate set of
songs explaining what is wrong and right with the universe. Meanwhile,
two artists who stood behind the band began and completed their own
paintings (which were auctioned off at the show’s end). The music
inspired the paintings, and the paintings inspired the crowd, and the
crowd inspired the band. It was a reciprocal closed-loop
environment—everyone contributed their fair share. And there was enough
stimulation to ensure that even the most ADD kids didn’t get bored.

Some random thoughts that crossed my mind during the show:

1. Cellos are sexy. I want my girlfriend to learn how to play one.
2. The singer (Craig Minowa) looks a lot like my old housemate, Greg Wolicki.
3. I can’t believe that guy (Scott West) paints and plays trumpet. He does both well.
4. The crowd is loving them a lot more than the crowd at the New Porno’s show here a couple of weeks ago.
5. What’s up with that mask Minowa is wearing on top of his head? It’s kind of creepy.
6. I wonder how the Vampire Weekend show is going?
7. Is the drummer missing beats or are my ears dyslexic?
8. I can’t believe I forgot my camera again.