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City playgrounds harbor hidden hazards for the general public, according to a new study by New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG).

The group found that almost all of the city’s 29 playgrounds surveyed contained hazardous chemicals, inadequate fall zones and potential strangulation risk areas. The Ancient Playground, inside Central Park at 84th Street and Fifth Avenue, was cited as having an unsafe surface, inadequate fall zone, toxic playground risk and unsafe equipment height.

According to a federal consumer safety commission, nearly 200,000 children are injured seriously enough to require emergency room treatment by playing on playground areas.

“Public playgrounds can be wonderful places for children to have fun and face new challenges. But far too many New York playgrounds contain hazards that can injure and even kill,” said C.C. Song, a NYPIRG project coordinator at the Borough of Manhattan Community College.

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