City & State: Winners Losers, December 9 Edition

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Pardon us for the state Senate-heavy list this week, but that’s where
most of the action happened. Gov. Andrew Cuomo got his tax reform plan,
and the Legislature got a leg up on what was shaping up to be a
difficult budget season. Mayor Michael Bloomberg didn’t get his taxi
plan, but he did get to yuck it up with the city’s press corps at the
Gracie Mansion holiday party. Here’s our weekly look at who’s up and
who’s down in New York politics.

Andrew Cuomo – Only Cuomo can cut taxes across the
board and have liberal groups sing his praises for finally sticking it
to the super wealthy. Only Cuomo can take one of the most dysfunctional
state governments in the country and turn it into a shining example of
bipartisanship. Only Cuomo can thumb his nose at the billionaire mayor
of New York City on the taxi plan and laugh off the complaints of a few
good government groups about a lack of transparency as if they were
lobbed from the peanut gallery. This is what a 70 percent approval
rating buys you these days. It’s good to be the king.

Karim Camara – The popular Brooklyn assemblyman
appears to occupy one of the most coveted positions in Albany – he who
gets information from Cuomo before the rest of us. Note that Camara and
other members of the Black and Latino caucus were apprised of coming
changes to the tax code several weeks ago, and also that one of the tax
deal’s sweeteners was a $25 million grant for an urban youth jobs
program, a significant commitment from the governor in a time of tight

John Sampson – Over in the Assembly, the minority is
a united force that can push an ideology because they don’t have to
make deals. In the Senate, however, the minority leader’s caucus is
split into factions, mottled with alleged corruption and utterly
uninvolved in the business of the day. Remind us again why Skelos is
worried Democrats could take control of the Senate?

Alec Baldwin – Apparently you can put your foot in
your mouth on Twitter. The TV celeb always gets a bit more than passing
interest when he talks about getting involved in politics, but his air
rage tantrum this week shows why anyone who really thinks he might run
for mayor in 2013 is in fact the loser.

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