City & State: Winners & Losers, Dec 16 Edition

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It was another banner week for Cuomo the Barbarian. He got knocked for twisting arms over his tax deal, and anointed the new Governator for his ability to get things done. John Liu saw a dip in his approval numbers, but given the general malaise over the 2013 mayoral candidates, it hardly seems to matter. And the tragic death of a Brooklyn cop gave an unfortunate boost to Michael Bloomberg’s crusade against illegal guns. Here’s our weekly look at who’s up and who’s down in New York politics.

Christine Quinn – Former Mayor Ed Koch’s endorsement of the City Council speaker was no surprise, but reminded the political world that she has more institutional strength behind her than any of her 2013 mayoral rivals. And while none of them had inspiring numbers in the latest Quinnipiac poll, it matters that hers were the least uninspiring.

David Grandeau – The former ethics czar-turned-blogger has been a persistently strident critic of Albany-style dysfunction. And when new stat ethics commissioners were announced this week, Grandeau took to his blog to pick apart the nominees and highlight their numerous ties to lobbying groups and incarcerated pols. A blog is probably a more respectable outlet for fair and impartial judgment than a New York state ethics panel anyway.

Ravi Batra – What’s worse than being named to an ethics panel filled with a few people of questionable qualifications? Answer: Being considered the least ethical of the ethically questionable people. Enter Ravi Batra, a lawyer who has sued Law & Order and maintained ties to imprisoned politician Clarence Norman. Now every decision Batra makes is going to get the third degree, no matter how clean it really is.

Betty Little – The upstate senator can’t seem to let go of her problems with the prison gerrymandering bill passed by the Senate in 2010. And why should she? Even though the lawsuit against the bill was deemed frivolous and thrown out earlier this month, Little’s very survival is at stake. She has 13 prisons in her district and is the senator who stands to lose the most from the gerrymandering bill. But it still just makes her look like another politician bending the rules to justify her own existence.

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