City & State: How Muskrats Are Working Their Way Into the State Budget

Written by Laura Nahmias on . Posted in Breaking News.

In our line-item scan of the state’s budget bills, we notice a new species has been added to the ranks of the nuisances New Yorkers are allowed to kill if the animal attacks them, along with the raccoons and varying hares:

The Muskrat.

We should have known this was coming. Look how the Department of Environmental Conservation negs on the muskrat in its description on the state website: 

“Easily recognized by their moderate size, their blunt head, and small non-descript ears and eyes.”

Nondescript?? Ouch.

An animal only a mother (or Captain and Tenille) could love.

The language in question, from the Transportation and Economic Development bill.

Raccoons, muskrats, coyotes or fox injuring private property may be  taken by the owner, occupant or lessee thereof, or an employee or family member of such owner, occupant or lessee, at any time in any manner. Varying hares, cottontail rabbits, skunks, black, grey and fox squirrels, raccoons, muskrats, opossums or weasels taken pursuant to this section in the closed season or in a manner not permitted by  section 11-0901 shall be immediately buried or cremated. No person shall possess or traffic in such skunks or raccoons or the pelts thereof or in such varying hares or cottontail rabbits or the flesh thereof.”

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