City Shooting Spikes and Heat Waves: Is There a Connection?

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Two are dead and six were wounded in in the and this past Sunday. These primarily drug-related follow a long streak of summer violence, including a 3-year-old being struck with a stray bullet.

The weekend following the saw seven deaths and 21 injuries from shootings and stabbing violence, reports . Seventeen people were shot on the Fourth of July holiday. Between July 2 and July 8, a total of 77 were shot in the City.

said the Fourth of July traditionally sees a large number of shootings in the City, but this year is particularly out of control. Joe Coscarelli at New York Magazine called the recent shootings “at best a statistical anomaly and at worst a disturbing new trend.”

The Magazine reports the numbers have jumped from last year: “There have been 12 percent more shootings on the year so far, and murders are up to 21 from 18 at this point in 2011 — a jump of almost 17 percent.”

On the issue of whether there is a correlation between heat waves and shooting spikes, a police source recently told the : “Warm weather means shorter tempers, and the people know that police are doing less stop-and-frisks, so more people carry guns.”

It’s the perfect storm this steamy summer—cops do blame hotter temperatures for the rise in violence, though they also point to recent scrutiny aimed at stop-and-frisk procedures.

Until the recent , the murder rate was “on pace to be the lowest in years,” reported .

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