City Seeks to Crackdown on “Reckless” Delivery Bikes

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Photo by Ed Yourdan. Photo courtesy of Flickr Commons.

Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan held a press conference to announce the ’s new education and enforcement program for delivery cyclists. The commissioner was joined by Council Members , , and Council Transportation Committee Chairman , as well as some local restaurant owners, to introduce the efforts and explain the program that will target first the Upper West and then the Upper East Side.

A special six-person unit of the DOT will go door-to-door to businesses and explain to employers the legal requirements and safety information for their delivery cyclists. After a six-month period, businesses who violate the laws will receive fines ranging from $100 to $300.

The program comes after the community has called repeatedly for holding businesses accountable for their delivery cyclists’ reckless behavior.

“Cycling is a financially smart, healthy, and green way for restaurants to do business in , but only when delivery cyclists are educated and obey relevant laws,” said Brewer. “The Upper West Side has the City’s highest number of 311 complaints regarding cyclists.”

Brewer’s office produces literature detailing cycling laws and has held educational forums for business owners as well.

The education portion of the DOT program will give businesses brochures on safety and the laws as well as ID cards their cyclists can fill out and keep on them. Employers will be required to provide upper body apparel with the name of their business clearly identified as well as safety equipment like lights, reflective gear and helmets.

“We need to put the brakes on dangerous delivery bicycles,” said Lappin. “Education and enforcement will make us all safer on our streets.”

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