City Hall News: Winners & Losers, Oct. 28, 2011

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 Semi-Homemade First Girlfriend Sandra Lee showed her theatrical side this week with a video of her favorite Halloween costumes and cocktails. None of her costumes, though, were as scary as Lee’s black vodka cocktail, which a few of this week’s losers (including boyfriend Gov. Andrew Cuomo) may want to consider trying to numb the pain. Here’s how the rest of the week shook out for Winners & Losers: —


Cy Vance – The Manhattan District Attorney scored a much-needed victory when a jury decided John Haggerty stole campaign funds from Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and it came amid some lower-profile wins that changed his momentum after a string of losses including the Dominique Strauss-Kahn disaster. He tried to find a middle ground for prosecuting hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protesters, and seemed to find more of a footing in a difficult job.

Preet Bharara – It was another great week for the Manhattan U.S. Attorney, who found himself on the right side of public anger by bringing cases against a former Goldman Sachs director accused of insider trading, union leaders accused of arranging phony disability payments, and cops accused of running guns. By now it doesn’t matter if he sees a place for himself in politics or not — others see it for him. Just imagine what will happen if Bharara asks city Comptroller John Liu for copies of his campaign finance reports.


Andrew Cuomo – His poll numbers are still sky-high, and he has a few extra awards to line his Walmart-purchased shelves at the executive mansion, but the governor still had a rocky week that kicked off with an aide’s call to Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings about cracking down on the nascent Occupy Albany protesters. That only served to galvanize the protesters, who have since taken to calling Cuomo “Governor 1 Percent” for his opposition to extending the millionaire’s tax. Add to that a delayed hydrofracking report and pushback from local governments on the 2 percent tax cap, and his sparkling poll numbers don’t outshine his headaches.

Dennis Walcott – The schools chancellor may need to take remedial classes to catch up on why more than half the city’s high school graduates are inadequately prepared for college, according to a new progress report released this week. For all we know, Walcott may have tried to address that subject at this week’s Panel for Education Policy meeting, but was drowned out by Occupy Wall Street protesters and education advocates loudly calling for a sea change in education policy. Meanwhile, Walcott’s new sex education proposal was being picked apart by Republicans and the New York Post, which complained the curriculum was too racy for the city’s students.

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